The Play

Consumers traditionally consider new insurance when they are making a home purchase or refinance. Trigger an email to any non-homeowners insurance customer that is currently ‘seen’ in-market for a mortgage, or on a ‘homebuyers journey, to sell them additional products and thus drive an increase in the average products per household.


Initial email should be triggered immediately upon receiving the updated in-market signal, specific to the journey you are monitoring.  Plan a fairly aggressive email cadence over the next few weeks to stay top-of-mind with the customer. Consider following up with a call if their in-market activity remains steady and the customer has not yet made a purchase.  If their in-market signal moves to ‘not seen,’ consider ending email cadence, and moving contact into a softer touch nurture campaign.

Content Recommendations

The content should be specific to the products the consumer is in-market for, and communicating the benefits of them keeping their existing business with you, along with adding/bundling a homeowner policy.