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Improve overall placement rate by coordinating a well-timed call to your customers just prior to the policy start date, to ensure your customer does not opt-out. Prioritize those customers who are seen actively shopping, which can be an indicator of consumers who want to opt-out. Keep in mind that even though a consumer has committed to purchasing a policy with you, they might not follow through.


Initial dial should occur a week or so before the policy is set to start and/or when the first payment is due.  Continue dialing every other day through the policy start/payment due date, and end the cadence 1 week after the start date has passed. Move those successfully placed customers into your nurture campaigns.

Content Recommendations

You’ve already engaged with this consumer to the point where they committed to a policy, so reference/reiterate this information and ensure there are no outstanding questions prior to the policy beginning.

This will give the consumer the opportunity to mention that they may be thinking of opting-out. If this occurs, identify any outstanding pain points, address their concerns, and restate your company’s value props, in an effort to retain their business.