The Play

Trigger: Activate alerts you to new in-market signals for existing customers who have just begun shopping for a similar policy.
Action: Notify those customers’ local agents that their customer is shopping, and suggest they reach out with an email or phone call.

  • For existing customers you see back in-market, immediately trigger the notification to the local agent.
  • Let the local agent know if/when the consumer’s activity changes – going from ‘not seen’ to ‘seen’, and when they move from ‘seen’ to ‘not seen.’
  • After initial outreach, move customers into a nurture campaign based upon their interest and engagement.
Content Recommendations

Consider treating your outreach to these individuals as simply a well-timed check in. If you explicitly say ‘we noticed you were shopping’ that could be off-putting and work against you, and even begin to erode trust with that customer.

  • A dial should be treated as a friendly check in.
  • Emails should leverage the best performing retention-based email outreach that most closely aligns with the product the consumer is shopping for.