The Play

Monitor a list of your current customers, and as soon as you see any customer in-market, shopping for their current policy, or an additional policy, notify their local agent so they can email or dial the customer.


As soon as you see in-market signal move from ‘not seen’ to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’), immediately trigger the notification to the local agent.  Additionally, let the local agent know if/when the consumer’s activity changes, whether it goes from ‘low’ to ‘high’ or ‘seen’ (low’ or ‘high’) to ‘not seen.’  When ‘not seen’ they can deprioritize outreach and you can insert them into ongoing/in-progress nurture tracks.

Content Recommendations

Explore how to talk through such well-timed outreach, considering that if a local agent mentions that they know the consumer is shopping for a particular policy, it may come across negatively to the end consumer.

The local agent should leverage their best performing scripts and email campaigns when engaging with these in-market consumers.