The Play

Improve digital prospecting campaigns by targeting look-alike audiences that are actively in-market.  You can build look-alike audiences based on your consumers that were ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) with in-market activity and ultimately funded with you (along with any other important attributes).  This will require having implemented the Activate signal into your campaign(s) and measuring the uplift in KPIs (ex. applications, funded loans) that were a part of any Activate campaign(s).


We recommend always running prospecting campaigns to grow your top of funnel, while subsequently removing consumers that move down your funnel with more relevant outreach across other marketing channels.  By monitoring your list of prospects against the Activate signal, you can be more precise with which prospects to reach with what message – based on if they are ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) in-market for a specific product, or if they are ‘not seen,’ you can more accurately tailor your approach.

Content Suggestions

Ads should contain enticing, urgent call-to-actions based on the product the consumer is in-market for. For “general” consumers, consider ad content that highlights your best offers across multiple products.  Since these are look-alike audiences, you can see what messaging the original segment received that ultimately contributed to them funding a loan from you.