The Play

For any of your mortgage customers, send emails to the consumers who are actively in-market and ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) on Activate’s Mortgage-General Journey.  The reach potential for treating your mortgage-general in-market consumers is greater for recapture than other mortgage journeys.

Activate can also show you consumer activity across specific mortgage products, so you can further target your approach.

  • Upon initial outreach, send a series of emails to the consumer over the next couple of weeks and monitor for opens and clicks.
  • If in-market activity decreases, consider ending the cadence for the consumer.
Content Recommendations

These are your customers who you want to retain, so begin by crafting messaging that demonstrates how much you value their business and outline ways you can keep them as happy customers. Include subject lines and email content focused on the benefits of refinancing with you versus shopping and refinancing with someone else.