The Play

Increasing the number of products your consumer have purchased with you is critical. Expand the ROI of your email marketing by creating special segments and messaging for consumers who are in-market for multiple products (on multiple journeys).


For those consumers who are in-market for multiple products, you could choose to include them in multiple campaigns.  However, if all of the products they are in-market for are related, you can prioritize them in campaigns that showcase all the products they are shopping for.

Upon initial outreach, send a series of emails to those consumer over the next couple of weeks. As you see them moving out of market (‘seen’ to ‘not seen’) for particular products, you can move them into campaigns for products they are still showing in-market activity for.

Content Recommendations
  • When pitching multiple products, focus your messaging on the value of that consumer having multiple policies with you.
  • Adjust messaging as the prospect moves further down the purchase funnel.