The Play

You’re already delivering digital retention strategies to your existing customers, but you want to ensure your Brand and the value you deliver are top-of-mind with the consumer, even when they are offline.  If you can also time the mailing to reach them when they are actively in-market (as ‘seen’ by Activate), it is not only top-of-mind, but also well-timed and highly relevant.


Monitor the Activate signal for your existing customer list and consider weekly or monthly direct mail drops for those consumers that continue to have low or high in-market activity.

Content Recommendations

The content should be personalized and focused on the product most related to the customer’s in-market signal. You could include specific offers combined with unique benefits/value propositions to encourage the customer to focus their shopping with you and remaining a loyal policy holder.  There also may be opportunity to combine with a cross-sell message for other products you offer.