The Play

Immediately trigger an email to existing customers wjp are exhibiting any in-market shopping behavior for products they currently have with you. The sooner you can get in front of your customer with relevant messaging, the higher the likelihood they will keep their business with you.

  • Initiate outreach as soon as a customer’s in-market signal changes from ‘not seen’ to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’).
  • After initial outreach, continue with a series of emails to the consumer over the next couple of weeks and monitor for opens and clicks, taking separate action for those engaged versus not engaged.
  • If in-market activity decreases to ‘not-seen,’ consider ending the cadence for that consumer.
Content Recommendations

Since these customers are already familiar with your brand, it’s important to not hit them with the same messaging as your general prospecting emails.

  • Make sure you communicate the value they are receiving as a current policy holder.
  • Include any potential offers or benefits that may be available to persuade them to remain a policy holder.