The Play

Monitor for any current mortgage customers seen actively in-market on a Mortgage-Refinance Journey and may be likely to PIF as a result.

  • Monitor a list of current mortgage customers and prioritize  into email campaign(s) any who move from ‘not seen’ to ‘seen’ (‘low’ or ‘high’) in-market on a Mortgage-Refinance Journey.
  • Upon initial outreach, send a series of emails to the consumer over the next couple of weeks and monitor for opens and clicks.
  • If in-market activity decreases, consider ending the cadence for the consumer.
Content Recommendations

These are your customers who you need to retain. Be sure to message them in a way that helps them realize how much you value their business and how you intend to keep them as happy customers.

  • Include subject lines and email content focused on the benefits of refinancing with you.
  • Describe the value your customers will get by remaining your customer and refinancing their mortgage with you versus shopping and refinancing with someone else.