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Knowing when an existing customer is in-market for another policy that you offer, helps you to not only increase the average number of products per household, but also retain the customer that is actively shopping with your competition. Clever, informative and personalized display ads can help steer your customers back to your brand.


Initiate audience segmentation for your display ads to include those consumers that are actively in-market shopping for additional policies, and further segment based upon the product they are in-market for.  Once the consumer has purchased an additional policy with you, or their in-market activity decreases, consider removing them from the target audience.

Content Recommendations
  • Remind consumers of the benefits that you offer multi-policy holders, as they may not even realize you offer the type of insurance they need.
  • Deliver product-specific content with value-based multi-policy messaging that will resonate best with your in-market customers and drive higher engagement.