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Acquisition Efforts in Auto: Compliance


Most OEMs/large dealer groups manage multiple web sites and buy leads from multiple, disparate sources. It’s almost impossible to ensure proper TCPA and CCPA compliance without an objective third-party verifying that proper steps have been taken. Has the consumer been presented with the correct disclaimer for both? Have they consented?


Jornaya Privacy Guardian ensures any inbound leads from both first- and third-party websites are in compliance with TCPA and CCPA laws. Further, Privacy Guardian ensures all consumers have been shown the proper legal disclosures, and the consumer has consented to be contacted. Guardian monitors the smallest details, including font size and transparency, and in the event of a lawsuit, Guardian provides a “Visual Playback” of the consumers’ experience on the site in question. Case law has proven that you cannot indemnify yourself from TCPA with vendor contract you need to be able to prove you and your vendor had explicit prior consent to make contact.

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Maintain Compliance

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