The Play

Understand the value of each lead, and optimize lead performance for your business.  Engage 1:1 with prospects and stop treating every lead the same.


At the moment of lead purchase:

  • Know when a lead may be fraudulent due to a variety of factors, including extremely short time on a form or a large number of submissions
  • Know when a lead is showing high or low intent based on its behavior, such as time on form and number of times seen on network
  • Know when high intent warrants the use of higher touch, more expensive contact mediums such as a phone call or direct mail, or doesn’t

Think About This

  • What would you do if you knew a lead had just come in from someone who had spent several days researching vehicles, had been to your site multiple times, and had submitted a lead 5 seconds ago?
  • What would you do if you knew a fraudulent or low intent lead came in that was obviously not going to buy a vehicle?
  • What could you or your dealers do differently if they had actual data indicating someone is ready to buy?

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