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Acquisition Efforts in Auto: Partner & Dealer Transparency and Engagement


Most OEMS and dealers are forced to work with lead providers by looking backward at results, asking for remediation, then repeating the process 30 days later using arbitrary caps or disparate data files that are not aligned across different partners and platforms. Or OEM Marketing teams push this to agency partners but lose control and access to the program and its metrics. Further, without a reliable benchmark for the likelihood of a lead to close, it is difficult for OEM field teams to work with dealers to ensure best practices are being used for each lead.


Jornaya behavioral data underscores a commitment to transparency for the OEMs, their dealers, agencies, and ultimately the lead providers. A singular set of compliance and performance data ensures all lead sellers are managed to the same standards and those standards are transparent to all participants in the program. No more black box and no more obfuscation of the data. Intelligence enables transparent benchmarking and removes the subjectivity from lead performance and compliance conversations and negotiations.

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Prioritize Lead Engagement

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