Activate Playbook


Acquisition Efforts in Consumer Finance: Email


Improve conversion rates for your list of prospects and aged leads by receiving daily alerts when Activate sees them back in-market, so you can then time relevant, email campaign(s) to those individuals.


For any prospects and aged leads that you have email addresses for, you can trigger targeted email as soon as Activate sees them in-market shopping for any mortgage-related products.

Utilizing the Activate signal in this way allows your Brand to be steps ahead of any of your competitors, who solely rely on credit triggers.  This results in a great strategy for reviving aged leads and extracting value out of an otherwise untouched portion of your portfolio.

Initial Test
Group 1: Consumers with Activity (‘Seen’)
Group 2: Consumers with No Activity (‘Not Seen’)
Treatment: Run an initial campaign against a control group of ‘not seen’
consumers to establish your own benchmark and validate the
efficacy of the Activate signal
Measurement: Lift in open rate and click-through
rate between Groups 1 & 2
Play 01

Aged-Leads Email Trigger

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