Acquisition Efforts in Insurance: Email


Increase conversion rate for prospects and aged leads, utilizing your email channel to target those individuals as soon as Activate sees them in-market shopping for insurance.


Trigger emails to known prospects and aged leads as soon as Activate sees them in-market.  Not only can you reach prospects with the right message at the right time, but you can also prioritize your focus on any prospects/aged leads that have fallen out of existing email drips.

Initial Test
Group 1: Consumers with Activity (‘Seen’)
Group 2: Consumers with No Activity (‘Not Seen’)
Treatment: To establish a benchmark, run an initial campaign
with the same message going to both groups,
and Group 2 serving as the control group
Measurement: Lift in open rate and click-through
rate between Groups 1 & 2
Play 01

Multiple Product Play

#insurance #acquisition #email

Play 02

Existing Prospect Play

#insurance #acquisition #email

Play 03

Aged-Leads Emails

#insurance #acquisition #email