Cross-Sell Efforts in Insurance: Email


Drive cross-sell opportunity and increase average product per household for existing customers.

Deliver relevant and timely email content to your customers that Activate sees in-market, shopping for additional insurance products that you offer.


Trigger cross-sell email campaigns to your existing customers that Activate sees in-market shopping for other products that you offer.

Initial Test
Group 1: Consumers with Activity (‘Seen’)
Group 2: Consumers with No Activity (‘Not Seen’)
Treatment: Establish a benchmark by sending same cross-sell
emails to both Groups, using Group 2 as your
control group
Measurement: Lift in open rate and click-through
rate between Groups 1 & 2
Play 01

Homebuyers/Mortgage Cross-Sell

#insurance #cross-sell #email

Play 02

Cross-sell Existing Customers

#insurance #cross-sell #email