Cross-Sell Efforts in Insurance: Local Agents


Deliver a better, more personalized customer experience, by notifying local agents when their specific customers are seen in-market shopping for additional policies or products that they could ultimately purchase from you.


As soon as Activate alerts you to in-market shopping activity for your current customers, you can immediately trigger a notification (email, CRM notification, etc.) alerting that customer’s local agent, who can then reach out directly to the customer.

Focus campaign measurement on engagement metrics, such as contact rate and consumer interest.

Initial Test
Group 1: Consumers with Activity (‘Seen’)
Group 2: Consumers with No Activity (‘Not Seen’)
Treatment: To establish a benchmark, include a control group
of customers (Group 2), providing at the
very least, a check-in opportunity
Measurement: Lift in consumer interest
(click, open rate) between Groups 1 & 2
Play 01

Local Agent Alert

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