Cross-Sell Efforts in Insurance: Telemarketing


Increase average products per household by engaging directly with your customers who are actively in-market, shopping for additional insurance products.


Dial customers as soon as Activate sees them in-market, and provide them with a well-timed account check-in to learn more about their insurance needs and promote your offers for extending their coverage with you.

Focus on campaign measurement on engagement metrics closely related to dials, such as contact rate, contact rate, consumer interest, and transfers.

Initial Test


Group 1: Consumers with Activity (‘Seen’)
Group 2: Consumers with No Activity (‘Not Seen’)
Treatment: Run test making calls to both Groups, using Group 2
as the control to benchmark performance
Measurement: Lift in contact rate, consumer interest
and transfer rate between Groups 1 & 2
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Well-Timed Account Check-In Call

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