How to Test the Jornaya Preview Script

STEP 1: Implement the Preview Script in your dev environment

1.1 Log into the LeadiD PortalClick edit button to change this text.

1.2 Scroll over “Create” in the top navigation menu and select “Get Campaign Code”

1.3 Select the appropriate Preview Campaign for your funnels

  • For your web funnels, select “Preview Campaign for Web Forms”
  • For your call center funnels, select “Preview Campaign for Call Centers”

1.4 Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the implementation in your dev environment

STEP 2: Create and review a set of test leads

2.1 Navigate to the funnel(s) in your dev environment on which you’ve implemented the Preview Script

  • Before you begin interacting with the form, locate the LeadiD token for your test lead event by making a call to LeadiD.token in the Developer Tools/Console

2.2 Also before interacting with the form, pull up a separate window where you are logged into the Portal, scroll over “Create” in the top navigation menu and select “My LeadiDs”

2.3 Enter the token for your test lead to pull up the My LeadiD profile

2.4 Begin interacting with the form

  • We recommend viewing the My LeadiD profile page and your dev funnel side-by-side for easy comparison
  • Compare the initial form data and consumer actions captured by LeadiD (the orange and blue rows in the My LeadiD profile) to the corresponding elements of your funnel and test lead event, checking to make sure all data was properly captured by LeadiD
  • While completing the funnel(s), take note of any abnormalities

2.5 To verify that your TCPA disclosure is captured correctly, click on “Test TCPA Implementation” at the top of the My LeadiD page of your test lead, enter your disclosure, and click “Run Test.”

2.6 Repeat this process for each of your funnels on which you have implemented the Preview Script.