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Behavior Is Changing.
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Know when your consumers begin comparison shopping for the products you offer, so you can confidently time the most relevant outreach for exceptional experiences.

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Enhance Your Marketing Engine With Consumer Shopping Behavior

You already know a lot about your ideal customers, though demographics and other static data only tell you so much—making segmentation, timing, and relevance an educated guess.

Activate helps you remove the guesswork and get ahead of your competition with the earliest indicator of your consumers’ in-market behavior.  Safely monitor your customers and prospects as they shop across Jornaya’s vast partner network of comparison shopping and lead generation websites.

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Integrated Feed Of Behavioral Data Into Your CRM/MarTech

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Power Campaigns Off Daily Shopping Behavior

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Engage In-Market Consumers Earlier And Lengthen Your Funnel

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Supercharge Your Acquisition, Cross-Sell + Retention

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We let you know who’s shopping, when they’re shopping, and what they’re shopping for, so you can reach each consumer at just the right time, with just the right message.

How Activate Works

Identify Opportunities Sooner

The earliest indicator of shopping activity—up to 100 days before traditional credit triggers. Know when your consumers first start researching options and exploring your competition.

Maximize Your MarTech

Activate helps you get the most out of the tech you’ve already invested in. Our data easily integrates with yours to dramatically improve segmentation, timing, and relevancy across all of your acquisition, cross-sell + retention campaigns.

Respect Consumer Behavior

We don’t require raw Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to monitor shopping behavior. In fact, we provide automated hashing to ensure PII is always protected.

How Activate Works


Illuminate Consumer Shopping Behavior on Your Brand’s Website

Harness the power of Jornaya’s Partner Network and extend Activate’s capabilities to your own websites—connecting a more complete picture of the buying journey to confidently personalize outreach.

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Working with Jornaya has overwhelmingly made us smarter about our customers. It has given us insights into things we weren’t looking at before.”

AVP Marketing, Regional Bank

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Activate’s intuitive interface provides robust data and insights to power your campaigns. Preview capabilities and connect with our team for a deeper dive.

Easy-To-Use Platform

Configure multiple monitoring instances based on segment, journey, and use case. Ingest daily in-market data through integrations with your existing CRM or marketing automation platforms.

Monitor Consumers By Journey

Safely monitor consumers as they shop for the products/services you offer.

Hashed PII

Activate includes an automated hashing tool to ensure any raw consumer PII is always hashed correctly and protected.

Integrate Your MarTech

No new tech required! We integrate with the systems and processes you already have in place to seamlessly import your customer files for monitoring + send daily Activate data back to your CRM, MAP or via API endpoints.

Custom Insights Dashboards

Get custom insights for each of your monitoring instances. Identify trends over time and refine your marketing strategy based on the in-market behavior of the specific consumer segments and journeys you’re monitoring.

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Unique + Actionable
Behavioral Data

Identify the earliest signs of buyer intent, so you can precisely time and tailor your marketing to reach the right consumer, at the right time, with the right message.

Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Network

Activate lets you tap into Jornaya’s truly unique view of consumer shopping behavior—witnessing millions of shopping events every day across our Partner Network of comparison shopping and lead generation websites.

Honoring Consumer Privacy

Activate only works using hashed PII, so your consumers’ identity is always protected.  We anonymously resolve consumer identity using hashed emails, phone numbers, postal addresses, and LeadiD tokens. Only you know the consumers’ identity.

Daily In-market Activity

Know which of your customers and prospects are in-market on a daily basis.
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Shopping Frequency

Know how many times your consumer was seen shopping the previous 1 and 7 days. The frequency of shopping activity is a good indicator of consumer intent, helping you to better prioritize outreach.
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Time of Day Shopping

Know what time of day an individual consumer or segment of consumers typically shop, so you can time your outreach to when your consumers are most likely in a shopping mindset.
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Frequency Shopping
Shopping Frequency

Power Experiences
that Convert

Enhancing your current acquisition, cross-sell, and retention marketing strategies by monitoring consumers on specific shopping journeys so you can be the first to know when they are in-market and ready to hear from you.


Monitor any list of prospects (ex. aged leads) and receive daily alerts when Activate sees any of them back in-market.  This enables you to send perfectly timed and tailored outreach to those individuals across your marketing channels.


Activate sees the earliest signs of in-market activity, so you can know the moment your customers become a retention risk. This helps you reach them earlier in the buying process and gives you a better chance at retaining them. You can also know which customers are NOT shopping, so you nurture them appropriately.


Know the moment your customers start shopping for other products or services you offer, so you can confidently craft relevant outreach and grow their business with you.

Marketing Channels

Activate data can be used to inform all aspects of your marketing strategy. We enhance your first-party data to optimize any of your marketing campaigns across: email, telemarketing, direct mail, display, personalized website experiences, local agents, and much more.

Acquisition Target
Retention Magnet
Cross Sell
Marketing Channels

What Are Your Consumers
Shopping for?

Activate offers you the ability to monitor the daily behavior of your customers and prospects as they comparison shop for the products and services your offer.

Mortgage | Insurance | Homebuyers | Education

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Sample In-Market Summary

See what we see. Know how many of your customers have been actively in-market over the past year across all Activate shopping journeys.

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“Our prospects are now receiving communication from us right around the time they’re coming into the market. So as a marketing organization, we can attribute these opportunities back to Jornaya.” 

– Marketing Manager, National Bank

Forrester Study

Behavioral Data Drives
Nearly 200% ROI

Read how Jornaya Activate helps clients realized significant increases in customer retention, cross-sell opportunities, and improve their ability to acquire new business.

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