With Jornaya Intelligence you gain transparency and visibility into the leads you’re buying and connect to the customer journey. We have a first-hand view of 200+ million major-life purchase decisions every month, which provides you with an expanded data set to have smarter and safer customer interactions.

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Make smarter data-driven decisions by knowing the life of the lead. Our Intelligence solution provides a real-time data response of more than 50 data points to help you understand the value of each lead and optimize lead performance.

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Lead Origin

Where are my leads coming from?

Lead Age

Are my leads being sent in real time?

Lead Duration

How long did the customer spend filling out my form?

Lead Velocity

How many competitors also received this lead?

Device Frequency

How active is this customer in the market?

Consumer Velocity

How many forms has this customer filled out?

Our solutions for lead buyers are powered by our patented LeadiD process. LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our technology is installed.


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