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LeadiD Lets You Provide Your Buyers With A Transparent History Of Each Lead

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LeadiD Captures Consumer Consent + Behavior For Every Lead

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“Our partnership with Jornaya has enabled us to unlock relationships with advertisers who may not in the past have been willing to work with companies that don’t have Jornaya LeadiDs on their websites. The Jornaya team has done a great job making introductions for us to brands that were eager to work with us but couldn’t do so until we had Jornaya’s LeadiD implemented.”

Morris Laniado
Associate Vice President, Data Revenue

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LeadiD® Powers Trust + Transparency

LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our Create script is installed. As a customer continues their journey on your site, our LeadiD technology witnesses their interactions and collects data related to their experience in a completely privacy-friendly manner.

  • A trusted independent third-party solution showing the full history of the lead before reaching the buyer.
  • A sign that you’re providing certified facts about every lead you generate.
  • A proven solution to help others understand consent and know which leads to buy.
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The Benefits For Your Buyers

Lead buyers use LeadiDs to unlock an expanded set of dozens of data points to help them evaluate compliance, consent, and performance indicators.

This information provides your buyers with the facts they need to make better decisions about what leads to buy and how to engage the consumer.

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“We have always been a big advocate of Jornaya’s LeadID. Our main goal is to provide advertisers with more insight on the leads they are buying in regards to quality, the source and to remove risk from customer acquisition. Advertisers want to know where exactly their leads are coming from, and not just because we say it but that it’s confirmed, in this case by Jornaya who is an unbiased party.”

Bas Offers
COO & Co-Founder
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