Know What Your Leads Are Made Of

Optimize your lead buys in real-time—know if the leads you’re considering buying are the leads you actually want to buy.

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What Do You Know About The Leads You’re Buying?

Likely not enough, which can result in ill-informed and inefficient lead buys—such as purchasing old leads, duplicate leads, or leads of questionable origin.

Jornaya helps remove the uncertainty by providing detailed data and insights about the life of each lead before it reached you. Only then can you make the most informed decisions about which leads to buy, BEFORE you buy them.

Know Before You Buy

A real-time response returns dozens of attributes about the leads you are considering buying.

Know The Lead History

Verify lead origination, authenticity, age, aggregation and more.

Know The Consumer’s Behavior

See how long a consumer spent on the form and other lead activity from that consumer.

“Jornaya Intelligence gives us the real-time information we need to modify your bids on the ping, right-size our cost per lead, and route leads more effectively to our teams.”

Acquisition Marketing Manager, P+C Insurance Company


Unmatched Lead Transparency

Our exclusive LeadiD technology safely captures a detailed view of the actions the consumer took on the lead form and the journey the lead took before it reached you.

Powerful Filters

Intelligence provides you the ability to pre-set filters and flags for 20+ unique lead attributes, ensuring you only buy the leads that meet your quality buying criteria.

Boost ROI

Insights help you identify which lead segments perform best for your business, so you can re-invest spend from lower-performing segments to optimize budgets + drive higher ROI.

Preview The Power Of Intelligence

Increase Lead Transparency + Performance

The Intelligence platform powers better lead buys and optimized strategy through real-time data + performance insights.

Real-Time Lead Data Via API

Gain transparency into more than 20 attributes about each lead so you know exactly which leads to buy and which to avoid.

Automated Buying Criteria

Create custom buying criteria based on any Intelligence data point. Easily set filters to automatically flag any leads that don’t meet your buying criteria.

KPI Dashboard

Know which lead generators and the types of leads that perform best for you, so you can confidently optimize your spend.

Honoring Consumer Privacy

Jornaya protects consumer privacy by capturing anonymized behavior through hashed PII, so consumer privacy is always protected.


Predict A Lead’s Likelihood of Taking An Action With You

Predict is a custom add-on service of Intelligence that creates a single predictive score of the likelihood that a lead will convert with you. Working closely with the Jornaya team we can create models for any outcome across your 3rd party leads or 1st party leads.

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