Traditional lead scoring excludes valuable data about customers’ actions or behaviors. Jornaya Predict compliments our Intelligence solution by creating a single datapoint that measures the likelihood of a specific customer action. This knowledge helps you adjust your strategy based on the conversion potential of each lead.

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We’re with the customer from the start of their journey. Predict is a custom predictive score leveraging behavioral data, along with other lead information, to help you better understand which customer actions result in positive outcomes.

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Know which customers are the most likely to convert, and give them the right experience.

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Use real-time scores to improve routing and prioritization, and optimize marketing resources.

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Work with your partners to find “look-a-like” customers based on their behaviors to improve performance.

Our solutions for lead buyers are powered by our patented LeadiD process. LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our technology is installed.


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