Mitigate TCPA Risk +
Confidently Call With Consent

Know which leads gave TCPA consent before calling them +
obtain compelling proof of consent in the event of a complaint.

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The Gold Standard For Capturing + Proving TCPA Consent

Our LeadiD technology verifies TCPA consent in real-time, so you can ensure the wrong call or text is never sent, and confidently market to the consumers that really want to hear from you.

In event of a TCPA complaint, you can quickly provide persuasive proof that the consumer both saw the disclosure and provided consent.

“Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian solution helps us to ensure compliance and protect ourselves from TCPA lawsuits. I love how quickly and efficiently we can retrieve TCPA compliance reports, often within 5 minutes—which has just been incredible, allowing me to quickly respond to our legal team.”

Michael Wettergren
Media Director, Aggregators
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Protect Yourself From Legal Risk

Avoid non-compliant leads and mitigate TCPA litigation risk by knowing you have proof of consent in the event of a complaint.

Consent Isn’t Just About Compliance

Consent also lets you know who’s ready to engage — giving you insight on how to provide a great customer experience.

All-Around Protection

Whether buying or generating leads, you need to know that you’re reliably capturing consent with the ability to prove it.

Verify Consent In Real-Time

A real-time API response lets you know which leads provided TCPA consent, so you can confidently know who you can send down an automated path, and those who you need to dial manually or reach out through another channel.

Prove Consent On Demand

Provide compelling proof of consent in the event of a complaint by quickly obtaining a Compliance Report that includes a detailed summary of the lead event and contact disclosures presented to the consumer and witnessed by Jornaya.  

Patented Visual Playback

The only solution backed by patented technology that captures and returns a visual playback of the lead event—proving that the consumer indeed saw the TCPA disclosure and consented to be contacted.

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The Power of TCPA Guardian

Leverage a single set of metrics across all lead providers to remediate potential compliance issues. Know you’ve received the consumer’s consent before calling or texting + produce proof of consent in a matter of hours.

What is the TCPA?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), passed in 1991, requires prior express written consent for non-emergency autodialed, prerecorded, or artificial voice calls to wireless phone numbers, as well as for prerecorded telemarketing calls to residential wireline numbers.

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Quickly Request + Access
Compliance Reports in myJornaya!

“TCPA Guardian is an amazing product and a fantastic supportive resource. The new request process saves us time by requiring less information and returning reports quickly”

Mandie Markham, Compliance Supervisor, SelectQuote Insurance Services

Deter Professional Plaintiffs

“When a Jornaya LeadiD token is available on a lead, the confidence of our legal team skyrockets, because they know they can provide proof of TCPA consent to better defend whatever circumstance is requiring it.”

Jason Owen, Marketing Operations Manager, Spring Venture Group

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