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As a member of Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program you’re part of a growing community of more than 2,000 Publishers who are committed to demonstrating transparency and trust to lead buyers, while providing smart and safe consumer interactions that improve the consumer shopping experience.

Complimentary + Complementary
Solutions To Enhance And Grow Your Business

As a PPP member you now have exclusive access to a suite of complementary Jornaya products and resources that can help you protect and grow your business + understand consumer behavior so you can best time outreach to engage and convert more consumers.

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Create LeadiDs
On Your Sites




Show buyers you’re committed to trust and transparency by creating a certified history for every lead you generate. 

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Prove TCPA Consent
Guardian For Publishers


Privacy Guardian

Leverage the industry’s gold standard to furnish independent proof of consumer consent for every lead.

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Know Consumer Shopping Behavior
Activate for Publishers


See the ongoing shopping activity for each of your leads to better time and tailor outreach + increase monetization.

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Grow Your Network
V!A Industry Directory

V!A Industry Directory

The industry’s most comprehensive directory of lead generators and performance marketers.

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Publisher Pulse
Exclusive Industry Insights


The Pulse for Publishers

Exclusive report of weekly and monthly consumer shopping trends across Insurance, Mortgage, Homebuying + Jobs.

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Product Add-Ons

Jornaya Add Ons

Explore additional products available for compliance protection and purchased leads intelligence.


Create LeadiDs On Your Sites
LeadiDs have represented a token of trust between buyer and seller in the industry for over a decade—anonymously capturing a certified history for every lead. As a LeadiD creator, you’re adding value to a network of trusted performance marketers and lead generators, and opening your business up to new buyers.

LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our Create script is installed. As a customer continues their journey on your site, the LeadiD witnesses their interactions and collects data related to their experience in a completely privacy-friendly manner.

The LeadiD shows buyers you are committed to promoting confidence, clarity, and trust in the lead generation space. With LeadiD, buyers know more about the origin and history of a lead to improve performance.

Lead buyers use the LeadiD to unlock an expanded data set from Jornaya to evaluate transparency, performance, and compliance indicators.

A trusted independent third-party solution, like Jornaya’s LeadiD, provides buyers with the facts they need to make better decisions.

As a creator of LeadiDs and a member of the PPP, you gain access to the behaviors your website visitors and leads exhibit across the rest of the industry. You’ll use this new insight to drive increased monetization in your marketing campaigns.

Visit our help center for a step-by-step walkthrough of how to implement Jornaya’s Create script on your webpages and start creating LeadiDs today! Not a member yet? Click here to get started.


Verify + Prove Consumer Consent
Protect your business with the industry gold standard for proving consumer consent. Easily furnish independent proof of TCPA consent if a complaint arises from a consumer interaction on your website.

If you’re generating LeadiDs on the pages where consumers are interacting with your web forms, Privacy Guardian acts as a neutral 3rd party, witnessing consumer interactions and providing proof that those consumers provided TCPA consent to be contacted.

As long as you are generating LeadiDs, no further implementation is needed! If you’re a member of the Publisher Partner Program, you automatically have access to Privacy Guardian.


Know Your Consumers’ Behavior
Understand how the consumers visiting your site are continuing about their shopping journey, across Jornaya’s network.  Tap into millions of consumer events every day to know how you can best tailor & time your touchpoints with those consumers to drive increased engagement and monetization.

We help remove the guesswork by safely letting you know which of your consumers are ready to hear from you. Know who’s shopping, when they’re shopping, and what they’re shopping for, so you can reach each consumer at just the right time, with just the right message.

On a daily basis Jornaya will send you a file detailing the shopping behavior of your site visitors and leads.

Access the behaviors your website visitors and leads exhibit across the rest of the industry. You’ll use this new insight to drive increased monetization in your marketing campaigns.

Contact to request access to recieve a daily Activate file.

Explore more resources about Activate and Jornaya.

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Network With New Partners

Search the only dedicated industry directory for major purchase marketers and the companies that specialize in serving this ecosystem.

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V!A Industry Directory

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Publisher Pulse – Exclusive Industry Insights Report covering the weekly and monthly consumer shopping trends across Insurance, Mortgage, Homebuying, Jobs, and more, providing you the insights you need to better inform your marketing strategy. 
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Additional Jornaya Solutions
For Your Purchased Leads

Verify + Prove Compliance For Purchased Leads

TCPA Guardian

Explore TCPA Guardian

Know The Origin + History Of Every Lead

LeadiD Intelligence

Explore LeadiD Intelligence

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