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Publishers working with Jornaya are given access to the following:

  • TCPA Guardian: Protect yourself and your customers
  • Activate: Unlock more value from your website visitors and leads
  • Access New Lead Buyers:  Connect with lead buyers in the Jornaya network
  • Insights & Analytics: Learn industry trends & benchmarks for your business
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Protection against TCPA complaints & lawsuits.  You’ll gain access to our industry leading TCPA Guardian product on your leads to help protect your business against consumer complaints and lawsuits.
  • Protecting YOUR business.  When a consumer submits a form on your website and agrees to receive marketing calls and/or text messages, you know they gave consent.  But can you prove it in a compelling and consistent manner? By implementing Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian solution on your 1st party leads, you will have the industry’s gold standard neutral 3rd party witnessing the consumer’s consent and recording the interaction.  If you’re ever faced with a consumer complaint or lawsuit, you’ll be able to prove consent.
  • Protecting your customer’s business. When lead buyers purchase leads from partners they take on an added TCPA compliance risk, since they do not own and operate the websites where the consumer provides their initial consent to receive calls and texts.  By working with Jornaya, these buyers are able to mitigate this risk through standardizing the consent verification and proof process.  When you pass a LeadiD to your lead buyer, you enable that buyer to access definitive verification that the consumer gave consent, allowing the buyer to safely place calls and text messages, knowing that the consumer consented, and that they can PROVE IT if necessary.



Unlock more value from your website visitors & leads.  Jornaya’s data platform witnesses consumer interactions across thousands of websites and leverages each signal of intent within models and scores that help marketers optimize their acquisition, retention, and customer growth efforts.  As a member of our network, the visits to your website will become aggregated inputs into these models, and you’ll gain the ability to tap into our Activate platform, allowing you to access the behavior your website visitors and leads exhibit across the rest of the industry.  You’ll use this new insight to drive increased monetization in your marketing campaigns.
  • Shift from “Lead Centric” to “People Centric” Marketing.  The consumer’s first visit to your website, or first lead submission, is only one touchpoint in their journey.  With access to the Activate platform, you’ll be able to market to your prior website visitors and leads at the right time, as their journey continues after their direct interaction with you.
  • Value Exchange. The amount of data you receive through the Activate platform will equal the amount of data you contribute.  You’ll be able to monitor a volume of visitors and leads from your website that is equal to the number of visitors and leads across your properties in the past 90-days.



Access to new buyers for your leads.  You’ll implement Jornaya’s javascript on your website pages to create a unique LeadiD for every lead you sell.  This will allow you to sell leads to Jornaya enabled lead buyers you already work with, as well as open new channels through introductions to Jornaya lead buyers you don’t yet work with today. Jornaya has over 100 lead buying customers.
  • Lead Provider Directory.  You’ll be listed and promoted in Jornaya’s Provider Directory, allowing lead buyers and advertisers to find your company’s services.  Jornaya’s customers are frequently looking for new lead sellers who are willing to demonstrate their commitment to compliance, transparency, and quality performance by passing them LeadiDs on every lead they sell.  Our team frequently facilitates introductions and connections across our community of buyers and sellers.



You’ll gain access to data reporting and dashboards that will show you new quality & compliance characteristics of your leads and how they compare to industry benchmarks.
  • Your leads, as seen by your buyers.  Your lead buyer clients are constantly benchmarking and analyzing performance and compliance metrics across their different sources and partners.  When you have access to data that helps you understand how your buyers are viewing your leads, you can better optimize performance on their behalf.  Characteristics of the leads you sell will be made available to you in reporting and dashboards to understand new characteristics of your leads and how they compare to industry trends and benchmarks.
  • Your Website Visitors.  The consumer’s first visit to your website, or first lead submission, is only one touchpoint in their journey.  Through reporting and dashboard views you’ll be able to learn about the behavior that consumers are exhibiting before and after they interact with your brand.


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