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We have launched the Jornaya Network and Partner Program to transparently align Jornaya’s goals with yours. This means both firms are focused on maximum performance with complete compliance for best in class consumer experience and continued successes for our shared brand partners. Jornaya succeeds when our Publisher partners succeed.

The Program

Publishers, lead sellers, and performance marketing partners play a pivotal role in the consumer’s experience when making a major life purchase decision. By providing access to research, education, and comparison shopping you help the consumer learn more and ultimately connect with a service provider who can best meet their needs. In fact, most consumers visit multiple websites during their shopping journey over the course of many months.

Like any marketer, you likely face a challenge in capturing the full value of your consumer interactions. The lack of visibility you have into what the consumer is doing outside of your own website domain limits your ability to fully optimize your marketing and maximize conversion into a lead, click, or call. When you do capture the consumer’s interest in a lead form, you face the challenge of ensuring compliance with the TCPA and being able to verify that compliance.

Over 800 publishers have joined the Jornaya Network to solve these challenges. As a member of the Jornaya Network, you’ll gain immediate access to a number of valuable products and services designed to protect your business from TCPA risk, help your business grow through access to new customers, and to help you maximize conversion of your consumer interactions.

Once you’ve signed up for a Member Account, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

Protection against TCPA complaints & lawsuits. You’ll gain access to our industry-leading TCPA Guardian product on your owned & operated lead forms to help protect your business against consumer complaints and lawsuits.

Unlock more value from your website visitors & leads. Jornaya’s data platform witnesses consumer interactions across thousands of websites and leverages each signal of intent within models and scores that help marketers optimize their acquisition, retention, and customer growth efforts. As a member of our network, the visits to your website will become aggregated inputs into these models, and you’ll gain the ability to tap into our Activate platform, allowing you to access the behavior your website visitors and leads exhibit across the rest of the industry. You’ll use this new insight to drive increased monetization in your marketing campaigns.

Access to new buyers for your leads. You’ll implement Jornaya’s javascript on your website pages to create a unique LeadiD for every lead you sell. This will allow you to sell leads to Jornaya enabled lead buyers you already work with, as well as open new channels through introductions to Jornaya lead buyers you don’t yet work with today. Jornaya has over 100 lead buying customers.

Over time, you will also gain access to data reporting and dashboards that will show you new quality & compliance characteristics of your leads and how they compare to industry benchmarks. Additionally, Jornaya will provide you with data reporting and dashboards to help you visualize your leads coupled with Jornaya data.

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