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Verisk Marketing Solutions Announces the Launch of Innovative Real-Time Decisions Suite

You frequently have just seconds to decide how best to engage a consumer. Having access to the right data in real-time allows you to optimize inbound interactions, maximize ROI, and […]

Verisk Marketing Solutions Named a Top Mortgage Tech Organization in HousingWire’s 2023 Tech100

Verisk Marketing Solutions, a business unit of Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), has been recognized in HousingWire’s Tech100 list for 2023. While Jornaya, acquired by Verisk in late 2020, was named a […]

Consumer Shopping Insights Help Loan Officers Build Trusting Relationships at CrossCountry Mortgage

CrossCountry Mortgage shares how they’ve been utilizing Verisk’s in-market signals to empower their loan officers with the data, insights, and tools to know when their consumers are in-market.

4 Tips to Get Buy-In for Your Marketing Data and Analytics Initiative

While you can see the vision, value, and importance of data analysis, selling those strategies to stakeholders can be tough. We’re here to help you create buy-in for your data and analytics project.

Go Beyond the Lead Form: Understanding Consumers in the Mortgage Market Slowdown

It’s critical for companies trying to attract and convert potential movers to have a deep understanding of that individual – beyond what’s captured in a lead form.

How PenFed Home Loans Leverages Consumer Behavior to Create Exceptional Experiences and Growth

Jerad Bjugstad, Senior Director of Demand Generation for PenFed’s home loan division, presented at V!A Philadelphia 2022 about how PenFed has successfully scaled its mortgage division.

How Snowflake Provides Secure Data Sharing with Infutor’s Identity Resolution

The Snowflake platform is a single, global platform that makes multiple workloads easy to manage.

A Fresh Experience for myJornaya — Introducing Newly Reimagined User Interface

The new myJornaya delivers a more modern and streamlined style with guided workflows on how use the products, while still retaining the core product features and functionality you are used to.

4 Strategic Changes Insurance Marketers Can Make to Stand Out

Verisk Marketing Solutions’ market leader for insurance, Jeff Piotrowski, shares the best strategic changes insurers can make to stand out in this new era of digital transformation.

Announcing First Party Journeys: Illuminate Consumers Shopping Your Website

Well, now there is a way. Jornaya is excited to introduce First Party Journeys, a new offering that extends the capabilities of our Activate solution to your owned and operated websites.