How well can you know your consumers if you don’t know the journey they’ve been on?

Jornaya Intelligence


See Your Consumers in High-Resolution

Your consumers’ lives aren’t one-dimensional. Your data shouldn’t be either. Jornaya Intelligence is a first-hand witness to your consumers’ buying journeys, empowering you with lead-level data that helps you optimize lead buying, improve lead routing, and make smarter business decisions in real-time.

Your competitors just see “moments”

Your Competitors Just See “Moments”

You may already be using data to inform your lead buying decisions, but does that data help you understand what your consumers are doing beyond your own web properties?  Jornaya witnesses your consumers’ complete buying journeys--not just on your website but everywhere your consumer has been. With Jornaya Intelligence, you see the big picture and can make better business decisions as a result. 

Event-Level Attributes

Jornaya Intelligence provides access to consumer event attributes such as the amount of time a consumer spent on the web form, the number of fields she filled out, and much more.

Consumer Origin

Consumer Origin

The number of events associated with a particular IP address or device.



The amount of time that has elapsed between when the consumer provided his/her information and when your company actually received it.

Event Duration

Event Duration

How long the consumer spent filling out the web form.

Consumer Velocity

Consumer Velocity

The total number of related events associated with a particular consumer.

Deep Network Intelligence

Gain a complete, 360-degree view of your consumers’ buying journeys. Jornaya Intelligence is built upon a unique, behavioral dataset that spans across more than 25,000 web domains. Through the Jornaya network, you’ll unlock details such as how “in-market” a particular consumer is, and how many other companies are trying to convert her.

Connected Outcomes

Experience the real power of Jornaya Insights when you incorporate your conversion outcomes. Turn sharper vision into sounder decisions based on measuring the relationship between the behaviors of your consumers and how their journeys end.


Under the Hood

Universal LeadiD

The Universal LeadiD

Jornaya issues a 36-character unique identifier, called the Universal LeadiD, each time a consumer interacts with a website. We’re with the consumer at every step of the funnel, witnessing every interaction in a privacy-friendly manner. If the consumer then visits and takes actions on other web properties, Jornaya connects all the dots.

Easy Integration

Easy Integrations

Jornaya Intelligence plays well with others and integrates easily with any system in your consumer journey decisioning toolkit. Whether it’s your lead management, marketing automation, and CRM system, connecting Jornaya Intelligence provides a layer of intelligence not available anywhere else, and enables you to take action on the consumer event attributes that matter to you.

Fully Actionable

Fully Actionable

No two companies have the same level of interest in any one consumer. That’s why Jornaya Insights gives you the ability to set custom rules and buying criteria within your account or campaign. With Jornaya Intelligence, you’re able to optimize bids, define requirements, and even filter out clicks, calls, and leads that don’t match what your business really needs.

Our Customers

More than 400 leading brands trust Jornaya to help shorten the distance between data and decision making.


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