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Know More About Every Lead

You may not know everything about the leads you’re buying, and it’s impacting your business. We help you have smarter and safer interactions with each lead by delivering detailed intelligence on your customers’ experiences.


Lack of insight into the quality and behavior of purchased leads is an issue facing many marketers. We provide an enhanced data set for each lead based on real-time behavior that improves transparency and performance.

Jornaya Intelligence

TCPA Compliance

Every call, text, or transfer puts you at risk of a TCPA complaint. The best way to avoid risk is to validate consent in real time and store proof for the future. We are an independent source helping ensure each lead meets your compliance standards.

TCPA Guardian

Predictive Scoring

Lead-scoring models tend to focus on demographics, instead of behaviors that indicate intent. Our predictive models incorporate behavioral data to determine which customers are the most likely to convert.

Jornaya Predict

Our solutions for lead buyers are powered by our patented LeadiD process. LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our technology is installed.



Platform agnostic data delivery that fits conveniently into your technology stack.
Improve every interaction through any solution or channel.




“Jornaya gets what we’re trying to do and is able to explain what they’re doing — which is pretty complex — in a way BBMC is able to apply that directly to our data use.”

Brian Surgener
SVP of Strategy and Analytics

More Knowledge. Meaningful Engagements. Better Outcomes.

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