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More than 1,000 publishers, lead sellers, lead generators, and performance marketers have joined Jornaya on our Mission. These companies are committed to honoring the consumer’s privacy and creating better customer experiences across the consumer’s major-life purchase journey. Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program provides essential services and data to help them accomplish this goal.

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As a member of the Jornaya Network, you’ll gain immediate access to a number of valuable products and services designed to protect your business from TCPA and CCPA risk, help your business grow through access to new customers, and to help you maximize conversion of your consumer interactions. Jornaya’s Publisher Partner Program enables you to:

Create & Share LeadiDs

The LeadiD shows buyers you are committed to promoting confidence, clarity, and trust in the lead generation space.


Protect Consumer Privacy

1st Party Privacy Guardian covers TCPA, CCPA, and future state and federal regulations that may be signed into law.

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Promote Your Brand & Network
With New Partners

Search the only dedicated industry directory for major-life purchase marketers and the companies that specialize in serving this ecosystem.

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Drive More Leads With Behavioral Data

Unlock more value from your website visitors and leads with Jornaya Activate.

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Access Exclusive Industry Trends

Gain access to the trends we witness in the billions of major-life purchases as an exclusive benefit of the Publisher Partner Program. These insights can help benchmark and drive stronger performance for your organization.

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Hear From Our Partners

“Our partnership with Jornaya has enabled us to unlock relationships with advertisers who may not in the past have been willing to work with companies that don’t have Jornaya LeadiDs on their websites. The Jornaya team has done a great job making introductions for us to brands that were eager to work with us but couldn’t do so until we had Jornaya’s LeadiD implemented.”

Morris Laniado
Associate Vice President, Data Revenue

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