TCPA Compliance Disclosure Sharing

We are committed to helping you achieve peace of mind by knowing the circumstances under which you should, or should not, use an auto-dialer.

The #1 question Jornaya is asked from our Guardian clients is: Why did the TCPA disclosure found on the lead form not match the TCPA disclosure(s) approved for use?

In order to expedite a resolution in the event of a mismatch between the text approved for TCPA disclosures and what is displayed on the lead form, Jornaya would like permission to share the TCPA disclosures that buyers have approved in their Audit Profile with the lead sellers where the mismatch occurred. In addition, we would like to share with the buyers the actual disclosures displayed on the lead form.

This enhancement to Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian solution will continue to help everyone achieve peace of mind and greatly decrease the time needed to resolve mismatches.

This process change took effect July 17, 2015. There is no action needed from you unless you would like to Opt Out. To Opt Out of granting Jornaya permission, please complete the form on this page. Please note that by Opting Out, the resolution time for TCPA disclosure mismatches may be prolonged and could potentially impact your compliance with TCPA.

If you have questions, please contact us directly before Opting Out or for other inquiries by emailing us at