How We Help

Making Major-Life Purchase Decisions Easier

Shopping for a car, loan, insurance, or degree can be hard. These major-life purchase decisions involve a lot of research, investigation, and comparison. Ample choices, competing offers, and a barrage of well-intended but ill-timed marketing leave customers confused and frustrated.

We believe making these major-life purchases could be better.

Working with the Right Data

Today’s customers demand superior shopping experiences. The only way to make those experiences exceptional is though data. With the right data, you know when and how to effectively engage with your customer.

We’ve build technology to organize and provide access to your customers’ journey behaviors. Our data products enable you to deliver the smartest and safest interactions.

What We Deliver

We deliver packaged analytics to improve your marketing strategies. You share your data with us. We analyze, process, and connect it to your customers. These data packages are provided as a single record, in real-time, or monitored at a rate you set.

How We Deliver

Partner-Contributed Data

All of the data we work with is contributed by willing parties. We don’t capture or store any personally identifiable information (PII). The customer is always protected, which means you are too. Data is collected from:

  • Lead Generation Websites
  • Comparison Shopping Sources
  • Identity Resolution
  • Shopping Outcomes


Our Identity Resolution capabilities connect known consumer shopping behaviors to brands’ existing prospects and customers. The packaged analytics and data visualization we deliver provide a first-hand view of customers behaviors as they comparison shop, view rates, input qualifications, and submit leads. Our team of data scientists, engineers, analysts, and product developers work with big data tools, machine learning, and quantitative modeling to develop of our cutting-edge products. The insight they uncover are deployed as data products and solutions to improve the connectivity to customers’ interests at the moments when the right offers matter the most.

Golden Rule of Data

We treat any handling of data as we would want our own personal data handled. It’s the Golden Rule and we take it seriously. Our partners promise to keep their customer data protected, and we think of ourselves as an extension of their promise. We treat data from all of our partner-generated sources — lead generation websites and comparison shopping sites — with great care and respect.

Safe Experiences

Responsible companies view safety from both sides of the equation — as a business and a customer. If the customer wins, the company wins and stays out ahead of regulations. All data we deal with is handled using the same advanced hashing algorithms as large financial institutions. This allows us to safely derive data insights based on aggregates counts, calculations, and scores while ensuring we all reach our ultimate goal: bringing more value to the customer.

Consumer Privacy Policy

Secure Data

Ultimately, it’s about activating the right data at the right time to best engage with customers throughout their shopping journey. It’s about creating a better experience in a secure environment. We take anonymous behaviors and turn them into derived data. We don’t capture, store, or share personally identifiable information (PII). The data we deal with is never connected to an individual person.

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