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The LeadiD shows buyers you are committed to promoting confidence, clarity, and trust in the lead generation space. With LeadiD, buyers know more about the origin and history of a lead to improve performance.

What is a LeadiD?

LeadiD is a unique identifier that’s generated the moment a customer lands on a webpage where our technology is installed. As a customer continues their journey on your site, the LeadiD witnesses their interactions and collects data related to their experience in a privacy friendly manner.

Lead buyers use the LeadiD to unlock an expanded data set from Jornaya to evaluate transparency, performance, and compliance indicators.

A trusted independent third-party solution, like Jornaya’s LeadiD, provides buyers with the facts they need to make better decisions. Find out more below.

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Looking for content about how you can start creating LeadiDs? Our Knowledge Base has in-depth articles explaining the process, as simply as possible.


“We have always been a big advocate of Jornaya’s LeadID. Our main goal is to provide advertisers with more insight on the leads they are buying in regards to quality, the source and to remove risk from customer acquisition. Advertisers want to know where exactly their leads are coming from, and not just because we say it but that it’s confirmed, in this case by Jornaya who is an unbiased party.”

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