Mortgage repeat customer rates are at a 15-year low.

You need an advantage.

What would you do if you knew your customer was shopping 171 days before they get a new mortgage?

Keeping the revenue you have has never been harder. Only ⅓ of refinancings and a mere 2% of new purchases are recaptured. Consumers are shopping around more than ever and try to find the best rates – especially when their servicer has been ignoring them or sending them irrelevant marketing.

Know when your customer is actively shopping.

Get in front of credit triggers. Know before MLS listings show up. Get there before they pick a realtor. Winning isn’t just being fastest or being cheaper – give your customers the experience they want.

“Retention battles are no longer won — or lost — based on interest rates alone”

Ben Graboske, Black Knight

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Get the Jornaya advantage

Unique View

We’ve stitched together a network of more than 32,000+ comparison shopping sites one site at a time to collect consumer shopping behavior.

Then our data scientists turn the behavior into clear actions you can execute against in a privacy-friendly and secure process only avaliable through Jornaya.

Easy Integration

Jornaya isn’t another tool. We’re not one more thing for you to do. We’re the jet fuel for the systems you already own so you can act when your customers are shopping.

It’s simple – we feed the data into the systems you’re already using and you use it as a switch to push better prospects to higher value marketing. That’s it.

Immediate Impact

Jornaya’s data can be applied to your list of customers or prospects immediately – giving you a wider view into which customers are most likely to buy in hours not months.

Get the data daily so your campaigns are more effective from the beginning.

“In our first month with Jornaya, we generated 30 new loans from prospects we had completely written off.”

Major Mortgage Lender

“Campaigns triggered based on Jornaya data performed 2x better than non-triggered campaigns”

Mortgage Originator

Imagine a world where you can accurately understand your customers’ buying patterns – not just on your own site, but in the market.

Jornaya was started when we realized there was a gap in the market between brands and their lead generation partners. Ross Shanken founded the company after a decade and a half at one of the largest data providers in the world when he realized that while demographic data is important, understanding true consumer behaviors were more predictive of who was likely to buy.

Continuing his original vision, our data science and engineering teams have uncovered more and more ways to predict when your customers are in-market and likely to look for a new loan.

Make your marketing more relevant – market to customers who are shopping, don’t just blindly and broadly cover everyone

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